Middle Earth “An Unexpected (Weight Loss) Journey

Hi – thanks for dropping by, let me start by a refreshingly honest look inwards – I’ve let myself go, not the “I should not have had that last bite” type of letting myself go, nor the “I’ve put on a couple of pounds” letting myself go either – rather, more accurately it’s the “I have doubled my body weight in the last decade” pattern of thought.

Before I hear the audible gasps come across the satellites, or the odd mumblings of “is that all”, let me put a bit of perspective to this, New Zealand is a great place to grow up, with a temperate climate, a middle class society with plenty of sports facilities and opportunities, and generally, sunshine.

I was the typical kiwi kid, enough friends without being super popular at school, a good hack at a few sports but nothing that would ever see my pull on a national representative jumper, my sport of choice was largely field hockey, and a bit of football – I was very slight, certainly didn’t have the frame for the national sport of Rugby – as a teenager, I would average around 45-50 kg, not a blockbusting build by any stretch of imagination!

As I moved into the work force, and indeed up to Auckland, I harboured a perception that because I was fit, I always would be, if only this was based upon some degree of fact. I moved into a roster based role for a 24/7 organisation, a combination of sole charge 12 hour shifts overnight, and no kitchen in the workplace led to a net result of junk food, and plenty of it, predominately to keep me awake and alert in the wee small hours.

Anyway this blog isn’t about how I gained weight, I’m sure you all know how people do this (eating and lack of exercise – everything we are taught as kids), the reasons don’t matter, I now know these are little more than excuses, I had the ability to eat better, darn sure I had the ability to exercise – the reality is I didn’t, so my 45-50 kg quickly become 108 kg; this may not sound so bad to some reading, but my frame is still slight, that weight is in my stomach and face, and I have no doubt my around my heart.

Now, I did do something about this, and got myself down to 87 kg, an awesome 21 kg! No magic formula, no special diet, just good old fashioned hard work pounding the payment (it does work) – so why am I here, well, as with many dieters, I could best be described as a yo-yo, that is my weight went up, I lost a lot, and now – yes you guessed it, here it comes back with a vengeance,  a disappointing 96.5 kg this evening.

So, this is it, stake in the ground time – its time to get this weight off, and this time I am aiming for 85 kg, I’ve “almost” done it before, and with your support, I’ll do it again.  This time I’m making it public, that way, no procrastination, no excuses, it’s you, me and everyone who happens across this blog.  It’s going to be really hard work, but I hope my story will inspire someone (even if it is only one) to get outside, and lose some weight as well! Let’s do it together.

I’ll update my weight and activities each day, enroute 85 kg, Lets go.